Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Playing Tag

So, sweet little Molly tagged me. We have to name 6 things that are unspectacular about ourselves.

Here are Justin's Six....
1. I own nine pairs of shoes
2. I am nearsighted
3. I can only do 14 pushups
4. I am allergic to dust
5. I was born on a weekend
6. I find it hard to pronounce "rural"

Here are Lauren's Six....
1. I am entirely too busy
2. I hate it when people put shoes on upholstered furniture or on the bed.
3. I am a Certified Pilates teacher, but I am not teaching at the moment.
4. I am unorganized and messy deep down.
5. I am afraid of ET
6. I am dangerously addicted to sweets

There you have it folks, we are boring.

Now I'm tagging some of YOU.
how's about...
1. Petersons Go Public
2. Balancing Beauty and Bedlam
3. Wilson Ramblings
4. Beautifully Imperfect
5. Bits and Pieces

Have Fun, Girls!


Leah & Kyle said...

hahaha but you did teach me pilates a couple times for some credit hours! You also managed to make all of my muscles in my entire body shake (while trying to attempt a pilates move) at the same time... now that is talent!

Wilson Ramblings said...

you're so funny... and i think some of those things are pretty spectacular! We'd love to get together some time!

Heather said...

You're afraid of ET? I can see that...

Imperfect said...

No problem. I actually kinda had fun doing it. Bill got a kick out of my list. He emphatically agreed with #1 and thinks I'm crazy for #3. It was fun to read your lists too! Interesting what you learn about people...

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Thank you~ I will play along!

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Your number 5 made me laugh and number 6 rang SO true to me

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

This is to funny....unorganized and messy deep down. Love. IT! Can I borrow that one? Ahhh...we cover it well, don't we? The number of people who ask me for organizational tips just completely cracks me up. Those are the people that don't really know me AT ALL!

Jennifer P. said...

darn me being too stinking busy as of late!--I didn't even see this. So just for your eyes onlly :)---

1.I am afraid of moths. Yes, I know you've probably heard me say this before in a funny way. But really, there's a lot of screaming and heart racing involved and I know it's just. plain. weird. !

2. I am obsessed with cleaning my kids ears. I hate dirty ears. But some may find it strange that I am frequently looking in my kids ears to make sure they're clean :)

3.I kind of like the combination of bacon, peanut butter, and syrup.

4. I wipe my kids' noses with the insides of their shirts. I call it "a trailer park tissue"

5. I chew my right thumbnail-- a lot. It looks like a stump while all the rest of my nails are pretty.

6.I don't scrapbook. In fact, I hate scrapbooking. :O !