Monday, October 6, 2008

Those Creative Women

So after weeks of your begging and pleading for details on the big November 8th surprise... I give you...

Those Creative Women are really excited to come together for a fun holiday show in Greensboro. You can buy food, jewelry, stained glass, tassels, garlands and a lot more - and guess what?? Free gift wrap. Uh huh. I said it, and I'm not takin' it back. It will be the PERFECT place to come with friends and shop for the holidays AND meet those creative women! (Really, we just want to meet you!!) Who are "Those Creative Women" you ask? Well... there is Kendra Adachi from My First Kitchen, The Nester from Nesting Place, Cindy Cage from Imagery Limited, Melody Watson from, and yours truly, Lauren Farrington from December 6th.
Go to our website for alot more info, and if you have questions, just let any of the creative women know and we'll help you out. Also, do you want a blinkie? I think we have one, but I don't know how to put it on a blog. I'll try to figure it out today :)


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

You did got the blinkie up, and it's cute, almost as cute as you. Although, I am a bit ticked because this is on the same weekend as the Holiday Market and I have a booth there for Homemade Gourmet and Once Upon a Family. I would SO much rather be hanging with you all than these 20,000 people who come steal all my samples like it's Golden Corral. :)

Imperfect said...

This is so exciting! I called Mom this morning around 7:15 to tell her about it. I told her I was coming home and she had to attend with me. After hearing what I called for she laughed because I never call her that early and she thought something was wrong!

Annnnndddd if you make it to Charlotte soon, I would LOVE to visit with you! It would be fantastic to see you and if you happen to come after you are married, we'd love to have you and hubs for dinner or something.

Can't wait to see you in November!

Inspired Kara said...

offically wishing I lived in the NC

mollyandmarshal said...

Yay! This is so exciting! I can't wait to meet everyone and see all your crafts and goodies!

Kimba said...

What fun! I didn't realize you lived in Greensboro too! I'm actually in High Point this week at my sister's house. I am going to meet Kendra, Jen and Emily for brunch on Friday. You're more than welcome to come if you'd like.

I sure wish I was going to be here for your show. It's going to be fantastic!