Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Follow the Concrete Paver Sidewalk...

Yesterday, construction started on our first official home improvement. Before yesterday, the path from our driveway to our front door was about 10 inches wide, and muddy. In an attempt to keep mud from being tracked in the house, and because it will look pretty, we decided to buy pavers for a new sidewalk. Justin called his brother for advice, and Ryan ended up offering to come down for 3 days and help Justin put the sidewalk in! Ryan is a firefighter in Raleigh, and has a crazy schedule, so we were lucky to get him for his off days!
We had figured out where we wanted the sidewalk to go last week, but once the guys started digging yesterday, tree roots got in the way. They finally decided to dig up 2 of our existing bushes, move the sidewalk farther away from the house, and avoid killing our ginormous birch tree. Here's what it looked like this morning before they started Day 2!!
More updates tomorrow!

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