Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My New Hobby That I Hate

We have a new hobby. Running. (Continue reading once you've stopped laughing...)
Those of you who know me know that there was one time I ran for exercise between high school and this past weekend. It was my senior year of college, I was living with Leah in the cabin, I felt fat, so I decided to run from our cabin to the end of the road and back. That was a really really really bad idea. Gravel and running and a steep mountain road don't mix.
I was that kid in elementary school that would make myself throw up so I wouldn't have to run the mile.
Anyways, Justin and I decided to start getting in shape for the wedding and honeymoon (and I can't sit down in my wedding dress as of 2 weeks ago). There are so many great parks around Greensboro that are really close to our new house. On Saturday we went to Battleground National Military Park. The battle of Guilford Courthouse in some war was fought there. There are lots of statues and cool trails.

Sunday we went to Country Park, where most of Greensboro's 5k's and other races take place. The trail is a big loop around a lake, and twice around the loop equals 5k. My goal by the end of the summer is to be able to get around the lake once without stopping/walking. Maybe I'll be able to run a 5k by this fall!

I also started painting our entry hallway this weekend and it made me want to puke. The color is just not right - too warm, if that is even possible. I guess I'll buy more paint, and try again... no photos until it is just right :)

Save the Dates are almost done - we have to print them, address them, and send them on their merry little way to YOU! I hope you all like them... alot of hard work has gone into them already!


Leah & Kyle said...

hahahaha man I feel your pain about running... it's just something that is NOT in our blood to do! Did I know about the time you ran from the cabin till the end of the road? That made me CRACK UP!!! Can't wait to see the save the dates!

Caroline said...

So you don't know me, but somehow I found you. I just ran my first 5K in April and I used this great training plan (From Couch to 5K) on www.coolrunning.com. Here's the link:


It made running a lot more enjoyable because I wasn't killing myself the first time out. It gradually built me up over 2 months to run a 5K.

Happy Running!