Friday, July 25, 2008


Jennifer P. for this award...

Let me tell you, this is an honor! She is too nice to me, always leavin' comments and stuff :) And, she likes SYTYCD, which all of you who know me know that it is close to my heart. Maybe I'll blog about my dance studio someday!
So I guess I am supposed to leave this to other bloggers? I choose Adventures of Mommyhood, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, and Wilson Ramblings! I think you are supposed to just click on the award, or right click or something... (obviously I've never gotten one of these before!)

So, today is the "watering can list". Whitney at Adventures of Mommyhood did this on her blog. I love that she changed the name from "bucket list" because we probably aren't kicking the bucket soon, and even if we do, that's ok. We ain't skeered. So here's mine in no particular order - this may be edited throughout the day....
1) Travel the world - I've never left the country!
2) Adopt a little girl from China
3) Become a professional wedding/event planner
4) Have a few kids :)
5) Invest in a good camera and suddenly gain photography skills
6) Learn to play piano
7) Learn how to cook well, and ENJOY cooking (My First Kitchen is going to help me)
8) Dye my hair a completely different color
9) Live in NYC
10) Finish the last Harry Potter book (it's a long story - don't ask)

So, I'm tagging all of you!! What's on YOUR watering can list? I can't wait to hear all of your answers!

And for kicks and giggles... this is who I spent time with last night -

Dash is my godson, Noah, and Batman is his friend, Bryson. And the thing on the floor behind them is a creepy mouse that lights up sitting in a flower pot.


Heather said...

Well, those are the most adorable super heroes I've ever seen!!

Meg said...

I came over via mabels house.

I like the idea of a watering can list. I might just have to think of one, too!

Wilson Ramblings said...

you're so sweet. thanks!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I tried to leave a few comments yesterday, but Blogger said it was having problems. I bet you would have had more comments, but it happened for quite a long time.
Anyhow...thank you!! I am impressed...jennifer p...she's "famous." Now that means you're famous.:)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Forgot to add...I left you some love on my page.:)

Liz said...

Those boys are so precious!

Leah & Kyle said...

oh my gosh Noah is HUGE!!!!! WOW I only remember him as a little kid wow!!!