Monday, August 18, 2008

I hate naming posts.

I wish that I were more creative in my titles for you all. I need to hire June just to come up with titles. Speaking of June, I got to meet her and her sweet little Tallulah on Saturday morning. It was fun to get to chat with her for a little while and for Tallulah and Phoebe to meet. Tallulah was very cordial to the Phoesbster and did not bother her one bit. Phoebe just stood there, as usual. She is so high maintenance. It was my first time meeting up with a blog world friend, and it was fun.
Two weekends ago, Justin and I went to Asheville for friends' weddings. (Notice the plural form of wedding) On the way there and on the way back we passed 2 of my favorite landmarks. They have been my faves since the summer after 12th grade. My friend, Kate, and I took our first roadtrip sans parents. We went to Nashville, TN, for her college orientation at Vanderbilt University. We had lots of fun, and managed to come home all in one piece. These landmarks are neighbors, and are located on I-40 in NC, somewhere between Greensboro and... Asheville.
Yes, it is Meal Barn, and Deal Barn. So classy.
And here's the stereotypical token in-the-car picture of us. We just needed to record ourselves on the day we finally pulled the car over to take pics of MealBarnDealBarn. We look exhausted, probably from the horrid smell of our rental car (it smelled like old cheap lotion and butter biscuits)
Next post: Katie's wedding!!


Jennifer P. said...

I'm having a good chuckle over the meal barn/deal barn :)!

And your picture is cute!!

Heather said...

OH, I LOVE the Meal Barn!! Best grits EVER. Just kidding...but I can imagine. Eeeeeks...

Lee said...

I am so road trippin' to the Meal Barn/Deal Barn. Priceless.
June's two are too cute. And I agree, we should ALL hire June to title our posts.

Wilson Ramblings said...

That's too funny! We're totally going to need your help with the new place!!! :)

emily said...

I can't believe you met JUNE! My sister and June had lunch together before she moved here..and then I met her in her front yard when I was stalking I mean driving by her house. So fun!