Friday, August 1, 2008

one quick list

So, with this one, you post photos of the answers - i'm going to try to find most/some of them on google images to spice it up a bit...
1. Your age on your next birthday.

2. A place you'd like to travel. 3. Your favorite place. 4. Your favorite object. 5. Your favorite food.6. Your favorite animal. 7. Your favorite color.8. The town where you were born.
9. The town where you live. See #8.
10. Name of a past pet.
11. Name of a past love.
12. Best friend's nickname.
13. Your screen name. N/A
14. Your first name.
15. Your middle name.
16. Your last name.
17. Bad habit.
18. Your first job.
19. Name of your grandmother. See #15
20. College major.

this took forever.... but it was fun - comment to tell me if you did it and i'll go read yours!


Anonymous said...

Such a fun idea! Maybe I'll do this later tonight for my post today.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Spot!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I bet that took forever, but it was SO fun to read!! I was chuckling the whole time!

Leah & Kyle said...

love the pictures. UNFORTUNATELY in normal Guenther fashion we'll be out of town :( We are heading to Hilton Head with some friends! Hope you guys have a blast, let us know when you'll be back down again!

Jennifer P. said...

I've done this one before, but I think I ended up explaining every picture---therefore kind of "nulling" the 'images only' thing :)!

You've led quite a life for not even 25 yet! Aaaaahh....25....that was a good year :)!

Liz said...

How fun! This was really interesting to read through.