Friday, August 1, 2008

MFK, HEP, and Wedding Music.

Last night, I took my first class through My First Kitchen. SO FUN! I seriously left feeling confident in the fact that I could really make delicious food. This is a big deal considering I've pretty much never cooked before, ever. If you are in the Greensboro area, please PLEASE set up a class for you and some friends. I promise you won't regret it. And for all my out-of-state blog friends, who are not in the Greensboro area, come visit and I'll take you to a class when you get here! I would love to have a girls night out cooking class with y'all!
Yesterday, little Hannah Elizabeth Pugh made her debut! She was 6 lbs even, and apparently she looks just like her daddy, Jonathan. Jonathan and Jennifer are friends of ours that we met through Awaken. Justin and I cannot wait to get to the hospital tonight to love on that sweet baby girl. I'll take lots of pics and share them later :)
Wedding Music-
I need help. We've got music picked out for before the ceremony, when the bride walks down the aisle, during the ceremony and for afterwards. It was so easy to pick. NOW, we cannot decide on ANYTHING for the seating of the mothers, or for the bridesmaids processional. Does anyone have any good ideas?? We don't want super traditional stuff - no cannon in d, jesu..., here comes the bride, blah blah blah... Please help us!


info said...

Hello Lauren,

I have a great solution for you. You can go to and listen to some songs that would be great for the processional and other music that would be wonderful for your reception.

Imperfect said...

Hi Lauren--

Wedding planning is so exciting. I had so much fun with mine and the music was one of my favorite parts. For our bridesmaids, they walked down to Bach's Cello Suite No. 1-Prelude. I used a piano version but cello version is beautiful. For the seating of the mothers/grandmothers we had a vocal piece sung--"A Page is Turned" by Bebo Norman. Hope that helps!

Kaylee said...

Hey there! I ran across your blog and saw that you are planning you wedding as I am too! I am having a pretty hard time with the songs as well if it makes you feel any better! =) Congratulations and I hope that everything goes well!